ABOUT: Welcome to BBAP's birding page, a website dedicated to the excitement and enjoyment of bird watching, bird photography, and the preservation of bird habitat. We created this site for bird enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, simply to share the fun, and to have a few laughs along the way. We'll be posting our favorite bird pix and other bird-related content whenever the mood strikes us. Most of our sightings are from our home base in Arizona, but we'll capture some flying beasts in other areas as well. The umbrella entity of Big Boy Adventure Pants is dedicated to helping you find all sorts of adventure in the great outdoors -- birding, hiking, gardening, treasure hunting, photography, and more.

BBAP SANCTUARY GOAL: The acquisition of between two and five acres of land in Arizona for the establishment of the BBAP Bird Sanctuary. Ideally, it will provide food, water and shelter to the migrating birds, as well as a fantastic destination for bird watchers and photographers worldwide, similar in effect to the Paton Hummingbird Center in Patagonia. While it's a small goal, we figure every little bit counts as habitats disappear and threaten bird species around the world.

DON'T DONATE! There are very few things more annoying than the constant "Go Fund Me" blitzes in every corner of the internet, so we are NOT begging you for donations or having irritating fund raisers on street corners every weekend. We want you to relax and just enjoy the pictures, videos, and progress of this site, so please do not feel obligated in any way to donate. That being said, if you do have cumbersome, unused piles of cash lying around in the shed, or happen to run across a few coins under the sofa cushions and feel like helping create and sustain this BBAP birding refuge initiative, then by all means, fling that dough our way. You can send it via PayPal using the button at right (send to: tlaufer@hotmail.com), or you can just use the post office via our mailing address. We thank you in advance!

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